How to Watch Bihar Budget 2016-17 Highlights Live Speech Telecast

Bihar Budget 2016-2017 will be presented in the State Assembly of Bihar in February, 2016 or March, 2016. Bihar is considered one of the most poor state in India. That’s why Nitish Kumar Government wants to improve the facilities and life style of Bihari people by providing employment. There are millions of Bihari people living outside the state. So, it is most priority for the State Government of Bihar to provide employment in the state. It is also difficult task due to so many other hurdles in the state.

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How to Watch Bihar Budget 2016-17 Highlights Live Speech Telecast

Government of Bihar will allocate budget based gender budget for different departments like previous years. There will be good allocation for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Government of Bihar also wants to improve agriculture situation in the state by providing agriculture road map of the development.

Economic survey of Bihar state will be presented on February, 2016 by Finance Minister of Bihar state as per our opinion. Nitish Kumar is the chief minister of Bihar state who leads the Government of Bihar.

Most of department will try to utilize fund allocated to them by the end of fiscal 2015-2016. Finance Minister of Bihar has started his work on suggestions from professionals, economists, farmers, traders of all sections to improve the economy of Bihar state. We are also expecting some good announcement for the industry. Because industry is the main foundation of development with agriculture. So, we are expecting some attractive announcement in the upcoming Bihar State Government Budget 2016-2017. There will be given below departments will have most of importance.

  • Rural Development
  • Health and Education
  • SC, ST and OBC

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Article last re-published on June 13, 2016.