Top 10 Newspapers in Gujarat According to IRS

Gujarat is one of the fastest growing state in India with high growth due to its hard working people. Gujarat has achieved double digit growth with its constant growth in most of sectors like Oil, Industry, Education and so on. Journalism is also grown at rapid rate with new newspapers in the state. Divya Bhaskar has taken its place in top 10 list for Gujarat’s best newspapers as per readers number in the state. We have compiled list of Top 10 Newspapers in Gujarat according to IRS. Let’s have a look at the list here.

1. Gujarat Samachar – 44.49
2. Divya Bhaskar – 35.34
3. Sandesh – 32.32
4. Times of India – 3.27
5. Gujarat Mitra & Darpan – 1.7
6. Kutch Mitra – 1.21
7. Rajasthan Patrika – 71,000
8. Ahmedabad Mirror – 37,000
9. Economic Times – 24,000
10. Indian Express – 23,000

Please note that this figures was released by the IRS for their quarterly reports. They haven’t counted online readership of this newspapers because it is not possible to count online readership. Most of them have online news website like Times of India have vast majority of coverage in their online news website. While most of them having e-paper edition which being published on their official website. Gujarat’s people prefer to read news in their own language which is Gujarati for better understanding.

There are also various daily newspapers which are famous and old i.e. Phulchhab, Akila News, Jai Hind, Sanj Samachar, Sambhav and others.

Let’s share your thoughts on Top 10 Newspapers in Gujarat. What do you think about newspapers growth in the state?