How to Meet Narendra Modi CM of Gujarat Personally in Person Face to Face

Narendra Modi is the Chief Minister of Gujarat state since more than 10 years. Recently, he has won Gujarat Election 2012 with majority of 115 seats. There are thousands of fans wants to meet Narendra Modi in person face to face to talk with him in various topics and matters. It is not possible for all people to meet him personally at his office in Gandhinagar or somewhere else. Still, there are so many best ways to meet Narendra Modi – The Chief Minister of Gujarat personally without any problem of security. We have provided here best tips & guide on How to Meet Narendra Modi CM of Gujarat Personally in Person Face to Face. So, let’s read it.

Narendra Modi Photo

Write a Simple Letter to Narendra Modi for Meeting with Him

Generally most of Chief Minister have their own time to write replies to citizen’s questions. So, you should write a simple and ordinary letter to CM of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi asking him if he allow to meet personally. I think you should require some specific reason to meet him. So, it is good to prepare yourself earlier before writing such types of letters.

My suggestion is to write clear cut letter that you are big fan of him and one small meeting with him fulfill your dream. If your luck is working then you will get reply for further communication otherwise they simply decline your request.

Meet CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi in Local Town/City

Narendra Modi often go to various towns and cities of Gujarat for his marketing strategies as political leader. So, it is the best time to request a small meet with him. I am suggesting you to contact local leaders of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) to request a very small meeting with CM. Your local contact is much important while you are requesting meeting with CM of Gujarat. So, prepare yourself to face this situation.

Send Appointment Request to Narendra Modi Online

Government of Gujarat has developed an webpage for taking request of appointment to meet with CM of Gujarat. You should fill out necessary information and request to send online. This request webpage can be found on the Official website of Narendra Modi.

Meet Narendra Modi During Rally/Public Event

You should try to meet Narendra Modi during his public rally or public event. General, he visits most of cities and states in India for his campaign to become national political leader in India. You should arrange prior appointment with the organizers to do something for you. You should shows some valid reasons to your local organizer to meet him otherwise they will not allow you to meet Modi personally.

So, start your try with my best tips & guide on How to Meet Narendra Modi CM of Gujarat Personally in Person Face to Face.

Article last re-published on March 30, 2015.