2013 End of the World: NASA, Is it true?

End of the World in 2013? Is it true? There are lots of rumors spreading around the World in most of developed and developing countries like United States of America (USA), India, China, Singapore, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and others. As per the prediction of 2013, there will not be end of the World. NASA haven’t given any statement that whole world will be no more. There will be so much event will be happened in the space that will directly as well as indirectly effect the World. Let’s read some important information on 2013 End of the World: NASA, Is it true?.

Solar Flares 2013

There is no official announcement on Solar Flare 2013. Some young people are trying to spread hoaxes about 2013 Doomsday as said by David Morrisson, a NASA astrobiologist. So, there is no worry for common people who is eagerly waiting for information 2013 Solar Flares.

While talking about Mayan Calendar, actually they haven’t developed mayan calendar for the prediction of end of the World in 2012/2013. They have developed Mayan calendar which goes far beyond the year 2013.

Let’s pray for all things will be find and there will not be any 2013 End of the World. Let’s share this useful information on Doomsday 2013, 2013 Solar Flares on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook with your friends.