Airtel is one of the largest and biggest telecom/mobile service providers/companies in India. It has millions of customers in all circles of India. Most of customers want to avoid promotional calls/SMS from call marketing companies of India. Most of customers often strictly decline offers of telemarketing company but still they receive marketing calls/SMS from those companies. To overcome from this problem, DoT and TRAI has given best facility which is simply known as National Do not Disturb Registry. Most of cell phone users use word DND which is short form of Do not Disturb service.

In this article, we have provided the best tips and guide on Airtel DND: How to Start Do not Disturb Service Activate Registration by SMS and Online.Airtel Logo

There are mainly two options to start DND in Airtel which are given here.

  • All Category Block Fully
  • Partially Block

1. Fully Block All Category – How to start and Activate Airtel DND

If any customer of Airtel wants to block all categories of Telemarketing companies then they can easily block all promotional Calls and Short Messages (SMS) from them. Anyone can just send given below SMS from their mobile phone to block unwanted phone calls.

  • START 0 and send it to 1909

2. Partially Block Selected Category – How to Activate DND Service in Airtel

If anyone thinking that if they will block all categories and will miss important offers OR deals in their interested category then they can easily block selected categories. There total seven categories which are given here. You have to just block all categories in Airtel Do not Disturb Service and activate following selected category as per your need.

Option No. Categories List SMS to send
1 Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards START 1
2 Real Estate START 2
3 Education START 3
4 Health START 4
5 Consumer Goods & Automobiles START 5
6 Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT START 6
7 Tourism START 7

Just example of above category can be Start 1 and send it to 1909 to start Banking related updates in Airtel mobile service provider.

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We hope that the best tips & guide on Airtel DND: How to Start Do not Disturb Service Activate Registration by SMS and Online will be useful to a large number of users.

Article last re-published on February 18, 2015.