Gudi Padwa 2015 SMS Messages Wishes Marathi Hindi English Wallpapers has been provided here. Gudi Padwa will be observed on 21st March, 2015 on Saturday all around India. It is being observed by the Hindu community in the most part of Maharashtra and Hindu Konkanis. Official name of this festival is “Gudhi Padwa or Samvatsar Padvo”. It is also widely popular as new year 2015 for Marathi people in Maharashtra. We have written this post to provide information on Gudi Padawa 2015 for all the people who wants to celebrate it. It is also celebrated in other states and people refer it with different name like “Samvatsar Padvo” in Goa state. While Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh people consider it as Yugadi or Ugadi.

It is one of the best festival throughout Maharashtra. Lots of people do share best thoughts on Facebook status, Update their states with Twitter and share anything that is related to Gudi Padawa on Google+ Plus. We have written special post which is for Gudi Padwa. Most of people wants SMS in Marathi language to share with their friends through mobile phones. You can get this information from this link

We hope that details on Gudi Padwa 2015 SMS Messages Wishes Marathi Hindi English Wallpapers will be useful to all people worldwide.