Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2016 SMS in Marathi

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Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2016 SMS in Marathi

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2016 SMS in Marathi

Radha ka prem
murli ki mithas
makhan ka swad
gopiyon ka raas
inhi se milke banta he
janamashtami ka din khas
Wishing you and your family a very very happy and prosperous Janmashtami.

May Lord Krishna come to your house soon & takes away all your Makhan & Mishri along with all your worries & sorrows.
Happy Janmashtami to you my friend

Radha k chahat he krishna,
uske dil k virasat he krishna,
chahe kitna b raas racha le krishna.
Duniya to phr b yai kehti he.
Happy Janmashtami to you.
Jai Shri Krishna..!!!

Radha ki bhakti, murli ki mithas, makhan ka swaad aur gopiyo ka raas, sab milke banta hai janmastmi ka din khaas…… Happy janmastmi

Mishri se mithe h krishna k bol, koi kaise lagaye unka mol heere se jyada h krishna anmol Itni taarif ki h pyare ab to “jai sri krishna” Bol
Don’t be illusioned by maya.
Maya is the root cause of all pain and misery.
LORD KRISHNA Happy Janmashtami.
Jai Shri Krishna.

May the blessings of the lord Krishna with you all the time and this Janmashtami may bring more prosperous, happiness and joy then the previous year.
I wish you a very very happy and delightful Krishna Janmashtami.

Murliwala har najar se bachaye aapko,
chand sitaro se sajaaye aapko,
bhul jaye ki gam kya hota hai,
Maakhanchor zindagi me itna hasaye aapko?
Happy Krishna Janmasthami..!!!

May good fill as much as softness and happiness as same as they have in their flute. May your life be as peaceful and wealthy as the sound of Krishan Flute.
Happy Krishna Janmasthami to you..!!!

Jab jab hogi dharam ki hani,
Yab tab lenge avatar bhagwan
Kar denge papiyon sanghar,
Au mukti denge ham prathvi wasiyon ko.
Jai Shri Krishana
Happy Janmashtami

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