Miss Australia 2013 Live Streaming Telecast Online HD Winners and Photos has been provided here. In my defence, it is Miss Universe. A Donald Trump backed homage to finely pointed, finely tuned beauty, clarified to a point where the slight imperfections which otherwise define human beauty are strangely absent. It’s less beauty, in that ineffable sense that catches your breath as you watch a moonlit waterfall tumble into endless nothing, than it is beauty, the type you might be able to dial up or down on a character in a video game. (Source: SMH)

Miss Australia is the title for the winner of the Miss Australia Quest/Awards, which ran from 1954 until 2000, when the last Miss Australia was named.

The title of Miss Australia had existed since 1908, although it was not until 1954 that it became associated with The Spastic Centres of Australia. The Miss Australia Quest was sponsored and organised from 1954 until the early 1960s by the lingerie manufacturer, Hickory, until Dowd Associates transferred the ownership to the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association in 1963.

Anyone can watch live streaming on the Official website or at http://2013missworld.com/