How to Watch Punjab Budget 2016-2017 Highlights Speech Live Telecast

Punjab is the most developed state in India. Punjab is widely popular for its contribution to the nation. Punjab’s people is also largest in the army, navy and air staff. So, it is one of the best state of India.

They have contributed very well to the nation. So, budget of Punjab State Government 2016-2017 is most important for the development of the state. We have provided here details and information on 2016-2017 Budget of Punjab State Government. Let’s have a look at the information & details on the budget expectations.

Punjab Budget 2016-2017
Punjab Budget

How to Watch Punjab Budget 2016-2017 Highlights Speech Live Telecast

Agriculture in Punjab

Punjab is widely known as warehouse of agriculture products and items. So, there should be best facilities infrastructure and facilities to improve the production of agriculture products in future. There is a requirement of best and better advanced technology to improve the performance of farming land by using scientific ideas.

Educational/Health in Punjab

Most of people in the state wants to improve their life by using latest technology. Education is too much costly in Punjab. So, there is a better requirement of Government schools and colleges to improve the education in medium class and poor families of Punjab.

Where to Watch Punjab Budget 2016-2017 Live Telecast / Streaming?

To watch the live streaming of Punjab Budget 2016-2017, please visit the official website of local news channels of Punjab.

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Article last re-published on June 13, 2016.