How to Watch Rajasthan Budget 2016-2017 Highlights Speech Live Telecast

Rajasthan Budget 2016 will be presented in month of February of 2016 year. We are expecting that budget will be presented between February-March, 2016. Finance Minister and Chief Minister of Rajasthan will present the budget in February or march month of 2016 year.

Rajasthan Budget 2015-2016

Rajasthan State Government Budget 2016-2017

We are expecting some relief on the budget for common man and poor people. There are also some expected relief for the industrialist to boos the industry of Rajasthan state. Government of Rajasthan wants to improve the facility of travel and tourism in Rajasthan.

That’s why we are expecting some good hike in expenditure of tourism department. Rajasthan is the most popular tourist destination of India where millions of people visit this state each year. So, it is one of the most important way to generate good employment for the people of Rajasthan state.

There are following mainly departments which will cover most of the budget revenue income and expenditure.

  • Health
  • Education
  • Rural Development
  • Travel & Tourism

We hope that Rajasthan State Government will give best budget every for this year because there will be Lok Sabha Election in 2016 year. So, they wants to improve party performance in the state with lots of new people welfare scheme for all people.

About Rajasthan State

Rajasthan is the “land of palaces” and “land of kings” in India. It is also considered largest state of India by its area size. It has largest desert area in India known as “Great Indian Desert”. It is also one of the most important state for India because it has important geographical area as given here.

  • West: Pakistan
  • Southwest: Gujarat
  • Southeast: Madhya Pradesh
  • Northeast: Uttar Pradesh & Haryana
  • North : Punjab

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Article last re-published on June 13, 2016.