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Karnataka Assembly Election 2013 Predictions Survey Opinion Poll Dates Exit Poll

Karnataka Assembly Election 2013 Predictions Survey Opinion Poll Dates Exit Poll information has been provided here. Karnataka is the most important state of India. It is also one of the political unstable state of India where Chief Minister often changed. There is so much problem in the politics of the state of Karnataka. We hope that election of Karnataka Assembly for 2013 will be organized in May nearby. Election Commission of India haven’t declared date of this election but we are expecting that it will be announced shortly.

Earlier, we have predicted that Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is going to win the election in the state but now BJP is behind the victory due to recent controversy with other BJP leaders. Congress is going to win this election with flat margin as per the latest trends in the state. If BJP do something wonder then it is also chance they can back in the rule in Karnataka State Assembly and form the Government of Karnataka.

There is no better leader in Congress for Karnataka election 2013. They need better and best leader to win this upcoming Assembly election to defeat BJP. While BJP needs more concentration with their own leaders to win the election. If BJP have Yeddurappa then they can easily win the election with good margin. Still, we have predicted they can also able to win this assembly election 2013. Karnataka State Assembly Results Predictions for 2013 given here.

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) – 70
Congress – 110
Janata Dal (S) – 24
Others – 20
Total Seats : 224

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