Top 10 Corrupt Politicians of India list – Most Corrupt Politicians in India

India is one of the most corrupt countries in the World according to Transparency International report where India has been ranked at #94 out of 127 countries. It is most trusted index for corruption in the World. India is the largest democracy in the World. India is most famous for its corrupt politicians who held their money in various safe havens for money like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Mauritius and others. Let’s see Top 10 Corrupt Politicians of India list – Most Corrupt Politicians in India here.

Top 5 Most Corrupt Indian Politicians


She is daughter of DMK Party President and leading politician in Tamilandu. She was recently arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in her involvement of 2G Spectrum case which is considered biggest scam in India of the history.

A. Raja

He is the main culprit of the 2G scam which is worth Rs. 1,76,000 crore. He was India’s former Union Minister of Telecommunications and IT in cabinet level. He has modified rules of 2G spectrum auctions to provide facility for those companies which he has taken bribe.

Suresh Kalmadi

He is one of the people who have made thousands of Crores in CWG (Commonwealth Games). He has spent almost more than Rs. 70,000 Crore for CWG, Delhi. He was charged for corruption and has been sent to jail.

Kumari Mayawati

Mayawati is much popular corrupt politician in the Uttar Pradesh (UP) as well as in the country. She has spent millions of rupees for making public gardens with her statue and elephant statues. She is also facing various allegations for the corruption during her tenure. She is involved in lots of scams and scandals in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Lalu Prasad Yadav

Lalu Prasad Yadav is the former Chief Minister of Bihar state where corruption is considered as religion by their politicians. He has been involved in various scams and scandals in Bihar. Biggest scam was fodder scam as declared till date. He is also involved in many hidden scams in India.

Other Top 5 Corrupt Politicians in India

Name : Mulayam Singh Yadav
State : Uttar Pradesh
Position : Former Chief Minister of UP, Former Cabinet Union Minister
Involvements : Many hidden scams in India.

Name : Sharad Pawar
Position : Union Cabinet Minister
Scams : Fake Stamps Paper, Food Export/Import, Various Projects and lots of other. He is widely popular as most corrupt Indian Politician.

Name : BS Yeddyurappa
Position : Former Chief Minsiter of Karnataka
Scams : Iron Ore Export and Lots of Land Scams in Karntaka

Name : Madhu Koda
Position : Former Chief Minister of Jharkhand
Scam : illegal leases of mining and natural sources worth Rs. 4000 crore and other scams in Jharkhand.

Name : Jayalalitha
Position : The Chief Minister of Tamil nadu
Involvement : She is involved in more than 45 corruption cases in Tamil nadu cases.

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