What is the meaning of RAC Status in Indian Railways – Different from Waiting List

Most of people travel in Indian Railways. There is so much traffic in the train daily in peak duration. So, most of people prefer to book their ticket online on the IRCTC website. It is also so much difficult to login in IRCTC website easily quickly. Still, if you are succeed in booking your journey tickets then you have to see that what type of reservation you got? Because Indian Railways provides lots of reservations status which is given as per the seat availability. Let’s see information on correct meaning of RAC Status in Indian Railways an how it is different from waiting list.

Train Image

RAC full form is Reservation Against Cancellation. It full form shows that it is the journey ticket in train which will be confirmed if anyone cancel their tickets on the same route. If you have bought tickets for the journey and if you made a request for cancellation then next RAC status holder will get the seat confirmed easily & quickly.

Generally, RAC holder can travel in reservation coaches as per their coach like 2 tier AC, 3 tier AC, Sleeper Class, Chair Car (CC) and others but they can’t demand separate berth for them if it is not available. They can get separate berth if someone has not been boarded in the train OR they have cancelled their tickets while preparing the final charts. If two RAC status holders are there, then they can convert berth into the seats for them.

While talking about the difference between RAC and Waiting List (WL) is that RAC ticket holder can ¬†travel in the train while waiting list applicant can’t travel in the train. Sometime, some tickets of Waiting list converted into RAC. So, chances are there you can get full berth or just single seat or even your journey ended without single seat any berth.

I hope that my information for the question What is the meaning of RAC Status in Indian Railways РDifferent from Waiting List will be useful to all people who uses train journey frequently.