What to do after 10th Standard SSC? – Best Tips & Guide

What to do after 10th Standard SSC? This question is asked by thousands of students who have cleared and passed 10th standard recently. There are so many and so much opportunities are waiting for all students to start their career ahead. As per my advice, student should choose their path as per their knowledge, ability, goal, financial situation and other conditions while applying for any course. There are also various factors will apply while applying for the new course after 10th standard (SSCL). We have written this article to provide information, best tips & guide on What to do after 10th Standard SSC? Let’s see some opportunities which is knocking at your doorstep of career.

What to do after 10th Standard SSC?

1. Science Stream After 10th Standard (SSCL)

Science stream is one of the best option to get ahead in your career after 10th standard. Now a days, Science stream expenses has been increased significantly. Still, it is better and best option to go ahead in your career if you want to make your career in Engineering, Medical Science, Computer Science and others. Science stream is the base to get admission in Engineering College as well as medical science courses like MBBS, BDS, BAMS and others.

2. Diploma Engineering after 10th Standard (SSCL)

Diploma Engineering is one of the best path of career after SSC standard. There are thousands of students get admission in various courses of Diploma Engineer after passing 10th standard like Mechanical, IT, Computer Science and others.

3. Commerce Stream after 10th Standard (SSCL)

Commerce stream is also one of the option to make your best career. You can do various courses after passing your HSCL in commerce like MBA, CA (Chartered Accountant) and others. So, if you are looking for job opportunities in commerce market including management, you should go for commerce stream.

4. Get Technical Education in Government ITI After 10th SSC Standard

Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) has been establishment by the State Government of every state in India with the help of Indian Government’s DGET. ITI provides better opportunity for all students who wants to pursue technical courses like Diesel Mechanic, Welder, Fitter, Turner, Computer Operator, Dress Making, Beauty Parlour Expert and others. They can do this types of courses from any of Government ITI nearest to your place. There is a minimum fees taken by all Government ITI. I have also provided list of best courses in ITI after completion of 10th standard.

5. Arts Stream After 10th

Arts stream is also one of the option to pursue your studies further in the Bachelor of Arts. There are various subjects can be taken as your specialization like economics, geography, history, languages (Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu & more) and others. After completion of BA (Bachelor of Arts), you can get job as teacher in any institution, college, school and other places. It totally depend upon your skill and your specialization subject.

We hope that given information on What to do after 10th Standard SSC? – Best Tips & Guide will be useful to all. We will update this article on What to do after 10th Standard SSC? with more information.